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MLS Networks and Property Portals

The Search Property Group have built and are continuing to build property portals for countries around the World. Each portal provides specialised local knowledge about the real estate industry for that country with localised information and resources. In addition we have developed specialised property web sites for many popular property hot spots within these countries. All of our web sites have are completely search engine friendly and rank highly for their specific areas.

This ensures that all web sites generate large amounts of traffic and plenty of enquiries for your properties.

In addition to your properties being featured on our property portal web sites, they will also be featured on partner and other member agents web sites Many agents purchase our real estate software which allows them to manage properties on their own web sites as well as display properties from the network. The software also provides control over which properties to display on your own web site. Free code in the members area is also available to display a property search on your web site.

We also provide an xml import and export facility to speed up loading properties and sharing property data with partners.

Our International MLS network contains many real estate agents who come together to share their combined marketing power by sharing properties and sales commissions with each other. Our network provides a legal and structural framework for this to happen.

Properties listed on the network will be featured on the web sites of all member agents that offer properties for sale in the same location. This means that as a property owner who lists your property with a member agent will have their property displayed on hundreds of web sites and made available to potential clients of all those agencies. This is a very powerful tool for selling your property.

As an agent, you can generate lots of extra business and potential sales by advertising your properties across the network and increasing the chances of generating leads. Agents can also use the network to provide additional property options to their clients.